TOOL W/Light Trigger Bx6


TOOL W/Light Trigger Bx6

  • The Fast and Easy Chain Cleaning System

  • The power of Clean Streak plus the scrubbing action of a chain cleaner! Snap onto the chain, backpedal and pull the trigger!

  • Clean Streak sprays onto the chain while brushes and scrubbers strip away grease and grunge from the chain

  • The Trigger Chain Cleaner kit includes a 12 oz Clean Streak CFC-free aerosol degreaser

  • The Trigger is fast and EASY TO USE: just open the package, and you're ready to go

  • Place The Trigger over the chain, and close the lid of the chain cleaner with your trigger (index) finger

  • Spray Clean Streak through the chain cleaner and onto the chain while backpedalling for 3 chain revolutions

  • Stop spraying, but continue to turn the crank for several more rotations

  • You'll have a clean chain in under 20 seconds!

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