Racing a level crossing at the Paris Roubaix April 13, 2015 13:40

Racing a level crossing at the Paris Roubaix is this racing or just stupidity. Jeremy Clarkson showed us an important lesson when an A class 31 crashed in to a Renault Espace, i know, i was like WOW! The video, explains what happens to a CAR, imagine a pelican, thats right a pelican or even worse a peloton!

But what happens when its an actual race, is it ok?  Are you expected to jump the line and keep going. The Train company demands police action against the cyclists following near tragedy. The company wants "several riders" to be punished for breaching "all safety rules".

"Millions of television viewers saw live this extremely serious and irresponsible action which could have been tragic," said SNCF.

Should all the riders involved be given a time penalty?

Photos Blazin' Saddles @ EuroSportUk